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  Experience safe rallying in a simulator  
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The world of rallying has always been filled with speed and exotic places. Finish gravel roads, four wheel drive cars, long jumps and battles of seconds have given during the years unforgettable experiences and created legends which everybody could have enjoyed through Internet, television and radio or as rally spectator.

However personal experience how the speed of rally car actually feels and how it is possible to drive at such speeds has remained behind TV screen or spectator area. Even VIP spectator ticket does not give answer to how tires, car adjustments and weather conditions affect speed of the rally car.

Kari Hytönen Racing in co-operation with RR-Team has added those secrets of rally mystique and feeling to their already unique rally training and experience services. Professionally executed events give the clients possibility to actually experience how it feels behind the windscreen of a rally car. You can feel the speed as a co-driver or driver of the rally simulator or real rally car.

The services include:
- Rally experience with simulator
- Rally experience with rally car, two or four wheel drive
- Rally with other drivers in the simulator
- Rally school tailored to customer needs and experience

All services are tailored according to customer needs. You can participate alone, with friends, business co-operation or customers, groups of work or other colleagues. The target can be just fun or focused development of driving skills. Common for all these events is the possibility to experience something unique, which stays a long time in the memory of the participants.

It is easy to combine the events with transport, meeting facilities, sauna and restaurant services.
Experience Rally Yourself and get a touch of the Finnish Rally Magic!

NOTE! The simulator is located in Laukaa, Central Finland.

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Contact us and ask for more information and request a quote!
tel. +358 40 521 8328 / Kari Hytönen

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