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Kari Hytönen, Rally driver
- Date of Birth: 15.5.1966
- Place of Residence: Jyväskylä, Finland
- Family relations: Married, wife Sirkka-Liisa, three children
- Profession: Application specialist
- First rally: 1984

Since 1984 rallies as driver and co-driver in nine countries. Approximately 300 starts, among them several European historic rallies. A total of 22 WRC rallies, 15 of them as driver.

Most important achievements:
- 2013 South Swedish Rally group win
- 2011 WRC Finland, 5th in own group
- 2009 Finnish 'Suomi Cup' Champion
- 2009 WRC Finland, group win
- 2008 WRC Sweden and WRC Finland, group wins
- 2007 WRC Sweden, group win
- 2006 WRC Finland, group win
- 2005 WRC Finland, group win
- 2004 4th in overall classifications at Finnish 1400 Trophy
- 1994 Rally of Thousand lakes, 3rd in group
- Several group wins in rallyes at Finland, Germany, Great Britain, Italy and Czech

Heidi Koppe, co-driver
- Date of Birth: 28.09.1983
- Place of Residence: Essen, Germany
- Family relations: Common law marriage
- Profession: Diploma accountant
- First rally: Mobil Pegasus Rallye Sulinger Land 2008

Heidi has lots of experience from German and international rallyes

Ada Herranen, co-driver
- Date of Birth: 20.12.1991
- Place of Residence: Helsinki
- Family Relations: Dating
- Profession: Engineer of Business Developement
- First rally: Vantaa Gli Rally special 2011

Other team members
- Jukka Herranen, team manager
- Ismo Pietiläinen, co-driver
- Teemu Honkonen, co-driver
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