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28.1.2013 - Arctic Lapland Rally - Kari Hytönen third in Ford Fiesta Trophy

Kari Hytönen, 46, was 10th in FRC class 3 and third fastest in the Ford Fiesta Trophy at the season opening Arctic Lapland Rally in Rovaniemi. First rally day ended with broken drive shaft. On the second rally day the veteran driver and his co-driver Ada Herranen continued to struggle towards the finish. Kari was satisfied only with his team's performance and the time on the first special stage.

The times on first day's stages of Aittajärvi and Siikakämä were not good and then the drive shaft broke on the Hanhikoski stage. This meant farewell to the planned aim of this rally.

On Saturday Hytönen team had more problems when studs were lost on the Jyrhämäjärvi stage, a couple of reindeers stood in the middle of the roan on the Sarriojärvi stage and extra time was lost shoveling snow on the Heinunkierto stage.

With all this trouble and disappointment, the 10,5 FRC points and second position in the Fiesta Trophy was good start for the seven rallies of the series.

- This is a rally I am not remembering fondly. During the whole rally I was not able to drive according my plans and although my co-driver Ada and our service crew did excellent job, I am deeply disappointed with my performance. The drive shaft, loss of studs, almost hitting the reindeers and worst of all driving into ditch means there were no nice moments in the nipping cold weather, explains Hytönen.

- Ninth in the FRC class 3 was not according to my plans and although I was third in the Ford Fiesta Trophy, this was not something I waited before the rally. Now I must just forget the disappointment and start concentrating to second round of the series which is at the end of February in Mikkeli, continues Hytönen.

Final results 48th Arctic Lapland Rally 2013: SM3-group:
1. Joonas Lindroos & Pasi Kilpeläinen, Citroen C2R2 Max, 2:21:38,8
2. Kalle Pinomäki & Matti Kaskinen, Renault Twingo R3, +3:04,6sec
3. Jaro Kinnunen & Mikael Korhonen, Peugeot 206 R3, +3:32,5sec
10. Kari Hytönen & Ada Herranen, Ford Fiesta R2, +24:23,9sec

Ford Fiesta Trophy standings 1/7 rounds:
1. Samuli Vuorisalo, 25 points
2. Kimmo Vainio, 14 points
3. Kari Hytönen, 12 points
3. Jori Nousiainen, 4 points

Finnish Rally Championship standings 1/7 rounds: SM3-group
1. Joonas Lindroos, 37½ points
2. Kalle Pinomäki, 30 points
3. Jaro Kinnunen, 24 points
9. Kari Hytönen, 10½ points
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